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Male Pheromone Purfume - Start Attracting Women Now!

LURE Pheromone Cologne For Men
With Alpha-Androstenol, The High Social Behaviour & Attraction Pheromone

Release Your Hidden Attraction For An Edge Over The Competition…

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What Is Pheromone?
Pheromones are hormones naturally secreted by insects, animals and humans. The pheromone molecules moves through the air and are detected by receiver at the subconscious level. When pheromones are picked up by the receiver, they dictate sexual behaviour and attraction towards the opposite sex. Pheromone is a word from Greek. “Pheran” – to transfer and “Horman” – to excite.


What Are The Effects Of Pheromone?
Pheromone plays an important and irreplaceable role in sexual communication. Animals and Humans release masses of biological chemicals in tears, saliva and perspiration. These scents (whether you can actually smell the scent or not is immaterial) relay information of mood, desire, status, drive, health, energy level etc to the receiving party at the subconscious level. The dominant male will exude more pheromones and will thus attract the attention of their submissive female counterparts. Such dominant male will inevitably attract more females and enjoys more fruitful conquests.


How Are Pheromones Detected By The Receiver?
Pheromones are picked up by the receiver via the Vomeronasal Organ (VMO) located in the nasal passageway. Once a pheromone is sensed, the brain proceeds to release neurotransmitters that entice a specific feeling based on the type of pheromone received (relaxed, openness, trust, sexual desire, arouser, romantic feeling, feeling of competition, fear, attraction etc). Though the body is in the process of reacting to the effects of the neurotransmitters, the person will not consciously know that he / she is under the influence of a pheromones. This explains why you find certain people particularly attractive but is unable to quantify or tell what’s attracting you to the person. This also explains why you find certain people irritating without even knowing them or them doing anything unusual. We are in fact under the effects of pheromones most of the time when we are with other people, whether the effects are positive or not is another subject matter.


Fact 1: It has been scientifically proven that women / girls sharing rooms will eventually end up synchronizing their menstrual cycles due to the influence of female pheromones with each other.

What Are The Effects Of Alpha-Androstenol?
Once detected by the female body, Alpha-Androstenol causes the brain to release neurotransmitters that induces calmness, openness, trust, highly engaging social behaviour, physical appeal, feeling of romance and sexual attraction towards the wearer.

How Will The Receiving Female Find The Wearer Of The Pheromone Cologne?
Remember, pheromones work at the subconscious level. There is a trace from the wearer to the receiver and although it cannot be seen by the naked eye, woman will be able to trace the pheromone to the wearer at the subconscious level and the end result will be attraction towards the wearer of the pheromone cologne at both the subconscious and conscious levels. It is also proven conclusively that some animals release pheromones when they are ready to mate and this stimulates the opposite sex sexually towards sexual intercourse.

"I went for an interview for the job of a child care centre wearing LURE Pheromone Cologne.  Normally they only employ females for the job.  It was 5 minutes at the waiting area before I was invited to walk around the centre.  As I walked past the little children (between 3 to 5 years old), the boys continued playing while the girls swarmed around me and spoke to me actively.  They asked me for my age, name and other questions little children would ask.  They were giggling and happy to see me.  Some was even palming me (hitting me with their little palms) to attract my attention.  One even held my hand and pulled me to her corner to play with her.  The principal was extremely pleased and surprised with my popularity over the little children who were usually shy and you guessed it, I got the job! PS: The principle was female too ;p - Walter, satisfied customer of LURE Pheromone Cologne.


Fact 2: It has been scientifically proven that the pheromones released by female dogs during “heats” induce an almost crazy sexual excitement in male dogs. The male dogs will be able to tell which female dog is releasing the pheromone and strongly urges sexual intercourse (specifically) towards the female dog releasing such pheromones.

Will The Receiving Female Become Generally Horny?
No. The receiving female should become attracted to the wearer of the pheromone cologne and not become generally horny.

How Should I Apply The Pheromone Cologne?
It is most preferred to apply the pheromone cologne directly to the skin for effective tracing. Apply to the wrist and neck area where the pulse is. However, if the user has sensitive skin, he may apply it on to the collar and wrist area of his shirt. Apply between 2 to 4 sprays only. Do not apply excessively.

The effects of LURE Pheromone Cologne should last for about 6 hours. Reapply during midday if necessary.

“I came to know my friend, Richard, to be always popular with girls. However looking at him, he is skinny and definitely not the good looking type. I used to hear him elaborate stories of romance with half my faith reserved. His stories of romance involve girls whom he barely knew and also his female colleagues, subordinates, superiors and students. Then one day while we were out with other guy friends, Richard was suddenly approached by a group of 3 teenage girls who claimed that they were impressed by the way he smokes (???) and wishes to make friends with him. This happened right in front of our eyes! Among us, he is neither the most handsome nor most properly dressed, but he seemed to get the girls all the time! Eventually I surrendered and asked him for his secret. In all of amazement, he told us that he had actually seen the girls sitting a few metres away. With the corner of his eye, he saw them taking peeps at him and as such stopped for a smoke hoping that they would approach him. Ultimately, he confessed to have used LURE pheromone cologne for the past years and this had yielded him fruitful results since then. Hearing that, I immediately got myself 2 bottles and I must say now that I truly believed his stories of romance upon trying LURE pheromone cologne for myself.” - Leon, satisfied customer of LURE Pheromone Cologne.

What Are The Effects Of LURE Pheromone Cologne?
Some effects on the opposite sex include:-
  • Relaxed composure
  • Finding you more friendly and approachable
  • Urge to engage in social activities with you, e.g. chatting, dating etc
  • More open in conversations with you
  • More smiles and laughter during conversations
  • More eye contact due to attraction
  • Find that they can easily trust you
  • Find you more attractive but can’t tell why and how
  • Feeling of romance and intimacy towards you
  • Find you more sexually appealing
You will realise that you are receiving much more attention then you used to!

“I am full of confident to receive eye contacts while on the bus or train. I realise that after using LURE Pheromone Cologne, I am receiving much more attention almost everywhere I go!” - Eddie, satisfied customer of LURE Pheromone Cologne.

Will Pheromone Cologne Work On All Persons Of The Opposite Sex?
Generally it should affect nearly all persons of the opposite sex with the exception of a few. There is currently no study to explain why this happens.

Who should use a Pheromone Cologne?
Anyone who combs his hair, wear proper attires and wish to project a good image. The reason why we make ourselves look nice is not only to attract the opposite sex but also to build a good image may it be for one’s love life, career or for absolutely everything else good in life.  With LURE Pheromone Cologne, we bring building that good image to the most powerful level; the subconscious level.

“I particularly noticed that my female superior is coming to me more often to ask me about simple things that does not actually require my answering. I noticed that there was pure eye contact and smiles in our conversation. She would also walk past my office to take peeks at me. Previously, she was stern-looking and our conversations were only limited to giving and receiving of instructions. LURE Pheromone Cologne has bridged the working relationship between us towards that of friendliness, openness and who knows maybe even more!” – Jackson Pride, satisfied customer of LURE Pheromone Cologne.


Fact 3:-
92% of LURE Pheromone Cologne users experience receiving more eye contact from the opposite sex
88% of LURE Pheromone Cologne users experience receiving more leniencies from their female superiors while at work
80% of LURE Pheromone Cologne users receive more dates
55% of LURE Pheromone Cologne users experience an increase in sexual encounters
90% of LURE Pheromone Cologne users are more confident in their appeal towards the opposite sex
74% of LURE Pheromone Cologne users engage in more hugging, kissing and sexual activities with their partners




1 Bottle of LURE Pheromone Cologne For Men For SGD88/-

2 Bottles of LURE Pheromone Cologne For Men For SGD168/-

3 Bottles of LURE Pheromone Cologne For Men For SGD220/-

4 Bottles of LURE Pheromone Cologne For Men For SGD260/-

5 Bottles of LURE Pheromone Cologne For Men For SGD295/-

Specifications: 29ml per bottle.  Comes with spray head, a miniture lock with 2 keys and a storage pouch.

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Which Are The Places that Pheromone Cologne Will Work Best?
Indoor places without strong winds. The pheromone trace can get lost due to strong winds or with overly high human activity, e.g too many people walking around, construction works etc. However when in a conducive environment, Pheromones travels far and can even attract the attention of someone seated at the other end of the lecture hall!

“I was at the bar when I noticed two girls stealing peeps at me and whenever I looked at them, they would giggle and turn away.  They would continue to turn over to peep once every short while. We were seated about 10metres apart.  Eventually I managed to hook up with one of them for the night.  My best guess is that my LURE pheromone is at work.” - Danny, satisfied customer of LURE Pheromone Cologne.

What Happens If I Apply Pheromone Cologne Excessively?
In excess, pheromone cologne generally causes disorientation and undue fatigue on the wearer. Remember, as you put on the cologne, you are also inhaling the pheromone and your brain will start decoding the masses of information coming in. Among the same sex, you are likely to incite feeling of hatred, sense of competition, provocation and feeling of challenge towards you. Therefore the recommended usage is between 2 to 4 sprays only.

“I am just on the 2nd date with Kxxxxxxx and we already ended up in bed. While in bed she appeared to be so in love and kept asking from time to time if I could hug her as she lay on my chest. She told me that she knows it’s wrong to feel such intimacy towards me (as she already has a boyfriend) but she just can’t help it. She found me to be someone whom she can trust and with me, she feels relaxed and in romance. She feels that she wants so much to do it (have sex) with me despite knowing it’s wrong. She asked me why she’s thinking in this way and even ask if I had drugged her (of course I did not!). - Chris, highly satisfied customer of LURE Pheromone Cologne.


Fact 4: Scientific studies have shown that male pheromones affects the ovulation cycle of women. This directly implies that the male pheromones do affect the readiness and interest of women in sexual intercourse.

*All 4 facts are substantiated by scientific research. You will be able to find those reports over the internet but we shall not include details of the research here so as not to deviate from the original intent of commercializing LURE Pheromone Cologne.

Additional Information:
More experiments conducted with female pheromones
ABC News conducted an experiment of their own to see if pheromones really do work. They took a set of identical female twins and applied a pheromone perfume to one twin and ordinary perfume to the other. They then took the twins to the bar and had them switch places throughout the night so that on one would realise that they were 2 different people. The results was amazing and convincing! 30 men approached the twin wearing the pheromone perfume while only 11 men approached the sister wearing the ordinary perfume. The use of pheromone seems to have tripled the attractiveness and success rate!

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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Compliments from users of LURE Pheromone Cologne

Dear customers, thank you for your compliments and for your permission to allow us to post them online. We apologise that we may not able to include all the contents of your letters due to space constrain.

Location: Bar
“…usually this particularly pretty waitress would give me the cold shoulder. On that occasion with the (LURE Pheromone) Cologne, she attended to me actively and chatted with me for most of the night. I managed to get her number too!” – Shawn, satisfied customer of LURE Pheromone Cologne

Location: Office
“… She’s from another department and usually we would see each other in the lift and along the alley. We’ve never spoken although we both know we’re from the same company. That day with LURE Pheromone Cologne, I realised she took an extra glance at me while exiting the lift. Later that day, we met again and this time she asked if I could carry some documents for her. What a way to start our friendship and I sure do hope there’s more to come!” – Rick, satisfied customer of LURE Pheromone Cologne

Location: Chinese Restaurant
“… It was the same cheerful manageress again. However this time she surprised me with an additional dish that I did not order and requested me to take part in an oral survey (which I suspect did not truly exist). She asked me about the food & beverages served there and at the end of the survey she requested for my contact number for future references. I agreed but somehow later that day I realised that my number was more for a date than a survey ;p” – Lim, satisfied customer of LURE Pheromone Cologne

Location: Fast Food Restaurant
“… I first saw her sitting at a table in front of me and we were facing each other. 5 minutes in our seats and I saw her looking at me. She was rather pretty and I thought she would just leave after her meal. To my surprise, she came over and asked me for some directions! She told me that she’s often lost and if she could give me a call if she still couldn’t find her way. Of course I agreed!” – Martin, satisfied customer of LURE Pheromone Cologne

Location: Office
“… She (my superior) has never requested me to work overtime before. Two weeks after using LURE Pheromone Cologne, she requested if I could stay back for more work. I reluctantly agreed and to my surprised, she stayed back with me until everyone else left. As she was discussing work matters with me, I inevitably realised that she had released one more button than usual on her shirt. I tried very hard not to look but she would occasional bend forward to show me some details on the documents. Then out of the blue she asked if I could tell that she’s a C cupper. She also dropped some hints and asked me what people on the streets are doing there other than for activities at the nearby hotels (our office is located fairly close to the red light districts). She also said she’s so tired and “dry” due to work and feels like she cannot make it home that night and intends to spend the night in a nearby hotel. Eventually she asked me if I would like to continue “our discussion about work” later at the hotel. Being a good husband, I politely declined (I’m proud of myself although I’m indeed full of regrets *_*) and made my way home. The magic of LURE Pheromone Cologne never fails to impress me! (PS: Well though I declined, I told her we could “discuss about work at a hotel” another day though :)) The next day, she took it further and… – Mickey (Nick), highly satisfied customer of LURE Pheromone Cologne

Location: Office Reception
“… Our company’s receptionist usually does not talk to the company guys. We would often see her polishing her nails and doing her makeup. That day, it was half an hour with LURE Pheromone Cologne when I walked past her again. This time it seems like I got her attention! She commented that I was wearing a nice jacket and asked me where I got it from. In between conversations she would giggle with her fellow receptionist beside her. Later that day she again commented that I look smart in my attire. Obviously she was trying to get my attention with praises! … … Overall I affirm that I am getting more attention with ladies at work and everywhere else. – Robin, satisfied customer of LURE Pheromone Cologne

Location: Home
“My spouse and I used to have sex once a week at most. Nowadays it’s like we’re back to our younger days and we’re having sex more frequently. (Well by “frequently” I mean almost every night!) Once we even took sick leave together and enjoyed a day full of love on the bed!” – Smith, satisfied customer of LURE Pheromone Cologne

Location: Coffee House
“… Nowadays I find that my female friends seems a lot more casual, open and relaxed when with me. There was once one of my female friends started singing and suddenly stopped a few seconds later when she realised that I was just in front of her. A little embarrassed, she mumbled to herself “hey, why am I singing…” – Freddy, satisfied customer of LURE Pheromone Cologne

Location: Office Pantry
“… Nowadays I seem to attract more attention from the girls at the office. While at the pantry, they always had so many things to talk to me. They even spoke of intimate things to me like asking me to guess who has the biggest cup size among them and how they would look like in a certain lingerie design. We even went on to talk about sexual issues like telling me which style they liked most and my preference (I love these discussions and I’m often aroused). I also observed that they seem reluctant to chat on these topics when other guys are around. In private, one confided in me that she suspects her husband having an affair with another woman... I generally find that I’m more popular and receiving more attention wherever I go. People around me also seemed more casual and willing to place their trust in me without me having to do anything special.” – Thomas, satisfied customer of LURE Pheromone Cologne